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Accurate and Responsible AI for Customer Service

Our platform is optimised to understand the information your customers need
and to help them find it regardless of digital savvy.

Customer Frustration


  • Confusion: Customers are overwhelmed by irrelevant information and struggle to find what they need


  • Frustration: Complex customer queries lead to dead ends and frustration


  • Accessibility Gaps: Unintentionally excluding marginalised and vulnerable customers


  • Individual customer needs are understood quickly, deflecting 50% of calls away from Customer Services

  • Empathetic, build deeper customer connections through empathetic conversations that make non-digital natives feel comfortable online

  • Accessible & Ethical AI is a core to our platform to the benefit of everyone - WCAG 2.2 AA certified


Customer Satisfaction Improves

Overwhelmed Customer Service

Customer Services struggling to keep on top of the systems




  • Overload: Routine calls impeding efficiency and inflating cost

  • Repetitive Call Overload: Are not identified and root causes not addressed

  • Queues: Delays answering frustrates customers and operatives


  • Deflection customer needs are understood quickly, deflecting 50% of calls away from Customer Services 

  • Single interface provides all information required, speeding resolution by up to 66% and reducing stress

  • Patterns of calls identified, enabling root causes to be addressed

Call Deflection Elevated


Inefficient Systems


  • Expensive: Call centre operatives are expensive and challenging to scale efficiently

  • Inconsistent: Multiple systems and repositories are near-impossible to manage and prone to misalignment


  • Customer Satisfaction: despite efforts customer satisfaction scores show no sign of improving


  • Root causes of problems identified so they can be resolved and not reoccur

  • Costs reduced through increased call centre efficiency

  • Understanding of customers needs can help identify new products

graphs showing an overview of search volumes and categorisation


Less Money Spent - Better Answers

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