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How does AI understand everybody's unique needs?

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AI's capability to understand everyone's unique needs is rooted in its advanced features such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, and Personalised Algorithms. Here's how AI achieves this:

Natural Language Processing (NLP):

NLP enables AI systems to comprehend and interpret human language, including context, semantics, and nuances. This allows AI to grasp the intent behind users' queries, making interactions more conversational and enabling a deeper understanding of individual needs.

Machine Learning Algorithms:

AI systems leverage machine learning algorithms to learn from data and user interactions. As users engage with the system, AI learns their preferences, behaviours, and needs. Over time, the system adapts and becomes more attuned to individual users, providing increasingly personalised experiences.

User Profiling and Personalisation:

AI creates user profiles by analysing historical data, search queries, preferences, and interactions. These profiles help in tailoring responses and recommendations to each user's specific needs, ensuring a personalised and relevant experience.

Context Awareness:

AI systems consider various contextual factors, such as user location, time of day, and historical behaviour. This context enhances the system's understanding of individual needs, allowing it to deliver more accurate and timely information.

Multimodal Capabilities:

AI is not limited to processing text alone. It can understand and interpret various data types, including images, speech, and other forms of input. This multimodal capability enables a richer understanding of user needs beyond just textual queries.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation:

AI systems have the capacity for continuous learning. As new data becomes available and users interact with the system, machine learning models evolve. This ensures that the AI system stays up-to-date and adapts to changing user needs and preferences.

Feedback Loop Integration:

AI incorporates user feedback into its learning process. By analysing feedback, the system can understand how well it met user expectations and refine its responses accordingly. This iterative feedback loop contributes to the continuous improvement of the AI's understanding of individual needs.

Dynamic Personalisation:

AI doesn't rely on static profiles but dynamically adjusts its responses based on real-time interactions. This dynamic personalisation ensures that the AI system can adapt to changing user preferences and evolving needs.

By combining these capabilities, AI strives to provide a personalised and tailored experience for each user. Its ability to understand and adapt to diverse and individual needs contributes to its effectiveness in delivering relevant information and assistance across various contexts.

How Does ConnectingYouNow work?

ConnectingYouNow (CYN) emerges as a beacon of change, harnessing the power of AI to revolutionise both customer and user experience.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

At the heart of CYN's AI lies Natural Language Understanding (NLU), a pivotal ingredient that goes beyond conventional keyword matching. NLU techniques empower CYN to comprehend the nuances of human language, understanding not just keywords but also the intent and context behind search queries.

Advancements in NLU mean that CYN's algorithms can discern relationships between words, understand sentence structures and extract key details. For instance, a search for "Apples bought at grocers" vs. "Apples bought at electronics stores" triggers different contextual interpretations, showcasing the depth of CYN's understanding. 

CYN also examines specific keywords, synonyms, and relationships between terms, mapping them to relevant ontologies within its vast data and content index. This meticulous approach ensures that queries with different wording, but similar semantic meaning still yield appropriate results.

Context Awareness

ConnectingYouNow not only understands a user’s intent, where appropriate, it will also use their physical location to help find the best possible matches. Unless a users needs be best met with online or remote services, CYN will ask for their location. 

This can be entered in a number of ways, including general location, exact address (not usually recommended) and postcode. Alternatively users can use the location of their browser, reducing effort and removing a Digital Barrier.


Digital natives have been conditioned to assume that the keyboard is the only way to communicate with a system. ConnectingYouNow saw this as a barrier to real user engagement and a massive barrier for some users with disabilities.

Conversations with CYN can utilise speech to text functionality, allowing users to speak to CYN. AI is used in this conversion, allowing for multiple accents in English as well as multiple languages. All are reliable transposed to text and displayed to the user.

CYN’s responses to the user can also be spoken in a variety of different accents. 

Dynamic Personalisation

ConnectingYouNow is at the cutting edge in this particular area. Each conversation snippet is analysed and compared with potential solutions. This location in our multi-dimensional solution space, the nearest neighbours taken to help frame the next clarifying question.

This approach ensures that conversations lead dynamically and naturally towards the best possible solution for each user in their current situation.


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