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Use Cases


Exiting Employees


Valuable institutional knowledge walks out the door when experts are away.


CYN captures all their expertise in any digital format and makes it findable.

Employees access this intelligence through conversational search to handle novel cases, drawing on preserved experience.


Retained intellectual capital and customer satisfaction despite workforce absence or attrition.


Slow onboarding

The time for new hires to become productive is growing due to the volume of information needed for them to start adding value to the team.

New hires use conversational search to quickly absorb proprietary information regardless of how and where it is stored across the organisation

Faster new hire onboarding. Information is found in seconds, not days.

Productivity accelerated by 85%


Overloaded Help Desk

Ticket volumes are overwhelming agents and customers are enduring long, frustrating waits.

CYN helps to route common cases, freeing up people to deal with the edge cases. CYN also suggest knowledge base articles to further accelerate call handling speed.

Relief for stressed teams.

Customers get quicker problem resolution increasing customer satisfaction ratings.


Inefficient Field Service

Technicians must understand the details of multiple pieces of often complex equipment. They can spend significant time navigating manuals to find solutions.


Technicians use voice search during service calls to access remote, expert guidance, technical documentation and service histories without leaving on-site inspections.


Knowledge access reduced by 75% meaning less time to rectify faults and less time valuable equipment is in-operative.




Junior analysts take longer to produce lower value output than their more experienced colleagues.


Junior Analysts have an AI aide fetching precedents, cmparative data, and templated models to accelerate model, presentation and research creation.


Team members produce more consistent quality and usable models 200% faster.


Siloed Information

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Let AI make the connections between your data and let your people find the right data at the right time through a natural language conversation. Traversing key data linkages, entity flows and governance standards.  Knowledge silos are joined and tibal knowledge is unlocked.

Organisations are storing an ever-expanding amount of information, in multiple, disconnected information repositories.

Data domains are consolidated in days rather than months. Analytics development accelerated by 300%

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