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Inspire discovery. Change the Game.

An AI co-pilot and dashboard — intuitive interfaces for
intelligent search and data
analysis, all in one groundbreaking platform.

Productivity across your organisation


Help Desk




Field Service

Built for business impact

Our platform is optimised to understand and react
to evolving customer behaviour.


Our AI search assistant encourages and inspires content discovery. It helps people find what they need, when they need it. Effortlessly.

  • In​​tuitive User Interface

  • Text and Speech input

  • Easy to integrate front-end 

  • Empathetic and mindful AI

  • Multi language support

  • Inclusive and accessible


Our simple and powerful analytics help teams go from data to decision, reliably. 

  • Search Volume Data — Identify rising information needs and seasonal patterns

    Benefits: Enables better understanding of knowledge gaps and emerging interests.


  • Query Categorisation — Automatically classify search queries by type, content requested, user segments, and more.

    Benefits: Improve product and service relevancy through context, top tasks and persona information.

graphs showing an overview of search volumes and categorisation
Charts showing user behaviour paths and geographic sources


  • Trend Identification Detect growing trends related to search topics, product and information interests or changes in customer language patterns.

    Benefits: Informs decisions to add content or modify offerings and spot gaps.


  • Journey Mapping — Analyse frequently asked questions and refinements to identify pain points in the search customer journey.

    Benefits: Resolving pain points increases satisfaction.

1.8 Hrs/day

are lost on average, by employees, searching and gathering information they need to do their jobs

— McKinsey


expect a response to their support questions in less than 10 minutes

— Hubspot


of customers are more likely to buy from a personalised experience

— Epsilon

ConnectingYouNow is trusted by

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Designed with empathy

The internet is for everyone. Our values are rooted in fairness,
and our product and team live that purpose.

shows 4 people to represent the inclusivity and accessibility of ConnectingYouNow
Every decision we make, starts with inclusion at its core. Accessibility is at the heart of everything we do, not an after thought.

Our co-pilot is WCAG 2.2 AA compliant.
Data Safety
Governments are amongst the most trusted when it comes to protecting data.

We have gained approval through their rigorous protocols to process their citizen's data
Responsible AI
We ensure our AI is not biased and take active steps to ensure that we train using data sets that are outside of what others consider normal.
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